Notes from the Manager – Generations

My father developed the Classic Skin Cream for his psoriasis and I developed the Very Sensitive Cream for my dermatitis, it would be nice to think that as each new generation of Davidson takes over management of the business, they might endeavour to develop a new product from our original beehive extracts.   Dad had psoriasis all his life, but he didn’t apply the cream every day, and later when he tried my Very Sensitive Cream, I saw for myself how the cream reduces scale, and his skin became mostly clear and healthy looking. I also saw that it would stay this way for a couple of days and then the scale would return, but not nearly as bad, and further use of the cream would stop it growing. I have dermatitis which can at times be as itchy as a hundred mosquito bites. Since developing the Very Sensitive Cream I have been paying more attention to the cause, effect and treatment of my dermatitis and I thought I would share my regime with you in my first Note.  Often problems arise with me when eating food I’m either allergic to or have an intolerance of, and end with my system sweating out what it considers to be toxins onto my skin – then the itching begins.

So here is what I do and it works for me, it may not for you, but perhaps it may go some to help with your own coping strategy.

  • Wash the area that itches with cold water and wash it as often as it itches.
  • Dry the skin and rub in the Very Sensitive Cream.
  • Take paracetamol to reduce the inflammation.
  • Keep using a cold cloth and more cream if it gets out of control again.

After once developing an allergy to something I could not explain I suffered from severe irritation, and despite using my coping strategy the irritation wouldn’t go away. I stopped using the cream and within hours an area of skin had cracked and was bleeding. My doctor gave me cortisone cream and this gave me a break from the pain allowing me to examine my diet for what was the new addition.

The most important thing for me to come out of this episode was that using the Very Sensitive Cream kept my skin healthy and when I stopped using it my skin became dry, cracked and bleeding. The extracts may not have been able to prevent a full blown allergic reaction but it was able to minimize the damage and help my skin recover that much faster after using the cortisone cream.   Protection, nutrition, repair.

These are the core aims of the creams that my father and I have developed and I wonder what the next generation will create to help control allergies and intolerances. In our move from Timaru to the Wairarapa, some customers were concerned about whether they would still be able to buy our products. I assure them that Davidson’s will always make these products, because we use them ourselves.

I have a lot of sympathy for those of you who suffer from skin conditions, and hope you find some relief with us.

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