Davidson’s Organic Propolis Price Drop!

Today we’re really pleased to announce that The Apiary has reduced the price of Davidson’s Propolis today.

We want to make it more available to our customers because it’s a great tasting product and we believe you should all have a bottle in your cupboard to fight winter colds and flu. As our manager Kate says: “If I feel like I’m getting a cold I take three drops, three times a day, for three days ,and it works, especially now that I have small grandchildren in the family who love to share bugs with gay abandon. Our customers use our Propolis for sore throats, laryngitis, to fight common colds and sinus infections.” It tastes great – honey flavoured but with lovely hints of plant resin and beeswax.  We use a very gentle process with our bee products that extracts all the goodness from a beehive including bee pheromones and flavinoloids which have a taste and aroma that makes you feel so much better. Davidson’s Propolis is made with a certified organic process and we don’t use alcohol or any artificial flavours. It’s one of the few propolis-based products suitable for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children. So try it out now for 25% less than it used to be. As they say on the carpet commercials …

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