The Apis Mellifera Skin Care range is centered around what we consider to be the Three Elements of good skin care; Protection, Nutrition and Repair. Our pure New Zealand skincare creams are free of steroids, cortisone and alcohol and are the product of years of research by beekeeper and manager Robert Davidson who extracted two organic compounds from the beehive – Alvarium and Biomel, which are produced by bees to keep their hives disease free.

Made up of proteins and hydrocarbons these compounds not only appear to both boost the immune system and increase the skin’s natural healing abilities but also contain some of the highest levels of antioxidants in any natural substance yet tested.

We have been producing the skin and hair care range for almost 20 years and are still discovering new uses for them and receiving inspirational success stories from customers around the world.

So to summarise, it has a surprising amount of good stuff in it and almost nothing else, what more could you ask for in a skin cream?