Upcycling Idea: New Dawn Bottle to Mobile Phone Holder

Sick and tired of having to leave your mobile phone perched precariously near the plug socket, getting tangled up on the floor, or within reach of grabbing toddler hands? Have you ever thought ‘there must be an easier way to do this by now!’ before getting on with more important things in your day? Well good news! The internet has provided yet again with a great simple upcycling idea for keeping your phone tidily tucked away while it charges no matter where the plug socket is.

You Will Need:

              • Empty New Dawn bottle
              • <span style="font-family: georgia, Air Max Zero palatino;”>Spray paint and stencil OR Colourful laminate
              • Scissors/craft scalpel
              • Nail file/sandpaper

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Step One:

Enjoy our New Dawn Health Tonic for all its delicious health benefits!

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<span style="font-family: georgia, nike tn palatino;”>Step Two:

Once you’re finished, clean it out and draw your desired outline of where you will cut it out (don’t forget to draw the ‘loop’ that will go over the plug).

Step Three:

Decorate your bottle, Cheap Nike Shoes Sale UK either spray paint (or just paint) it in one colour or if you want to get your creative groove on cut out some stencils and make it really pretty! If you’re lucky enough to have school aged kids try using a bit of left over laminate from covering school books. I thought I’d be clever and spray paint the inside a different colour to the outside which wasn’t quite as simple as it sounded as the paint ran (serves me right for not getting into graffiti I suppose or I would know these things) but it still turned out nice in the end.

Step Five:

Cut out the shape required and smooth down any rough edges with a nail file or sandpaper to make it neat and tidy.

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<span style="font-family: georgia, Nike LeBron James 13 palatino;”>bfphone5Voila! Your mobile phone holder is done, how easy is that?

<span style="font-family: georgia,

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