What is Apis Mellifera?

While Davidson’s Apiaries has been providing honey products to the NZ market since 1945 the medicinal side of the business and Apis Mellifera range are a more recent edition. It all began in 1993 when Mr Robert Davidson Jnr decided he was fed up living with psoriasis and started investigating the medicinal properties of the beehive. In his 50 years with the family honey business he knew that bees had an amazing ability to protect themselves from most diseases and infections both viral and bacterial, so he set about trying to find what it was in the beehive that achieved this.

After two years of research he identified two beehive extracts unique to Davidson’s Apiaries – Alvarium (organic hydrocarbons) and Biomellifera (proteins). Mr Davidson proceeded to mix these into a cream for skin disorders and the range was named Apis Mellifera, the Latin name for the honeybee.

It was soon discovered that in addition to relieving his own psoriasis it also produced wonderful results in people suffering from eczema. As the years progressed customers from around the globe have continued to send in letters telling us of new ways the cream has helped them.

The Apis Mellifera Skin Care Cream has since been put through a pilot study at the Wellington School of Medicine as a treatment for eczema in children, which was enormously successful and we are hoping that future studies will be possible.