Natural Alternatives for your skin, health and general wellbeing

Our beautiful Aotearoa New Zealand provides a wealth of unspoiled ingredients which we craft into our unique remedies. For over 30 years we have been passionate about sourcing the most naturally beneficial ingredients from organic beehives. All in order to make life easier for those who need it, and make the world healthier for those who care.

skincare collectionThe Apis Mellifera skin care range is free from alcohol, steroids, harsh chemicals and combines a selection of organic natural oils with health benefits found in the beehive to soothe and heal skin. Find Out More »

hf-collectionWe are one of the few producers of alcohol and EDTA free propolis, while our organic honey based health foods contain beehive extracts that work together to boost the immune system and help fight or recover from illness. Find Out More »

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